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Hello from Florida!

I'm in Florida, woohoo! Unfortunately I don't have my SSH key with me so I can't upload any work on the games I've been doing. I've got the C3Jam game all setup and up to V0.9 which is a shame because sadly I can't get it uploaded due to said SSH key, and the not having of it. I won't be able to get it up in time for the gamejam I was making it for, so I'll be transitioning it into just another project,

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Projects are live!

Yup, I'ts me again. The projects page is now fully operational, and live! You can reach it by simply clicking the link up top called "Projects." The plan is to keep a repository of links on that page as well as marking the current version the project is on. Changelogs will be posted here on the landing site, so if you're interested in whats changed between versions make sure to come here instead of going directly to the projects page URL. For anyone interested in a

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